Amplify Austin 2019

Feb 19th 2019

It's simple. When everybody plays, we all win. Ensuring every child gets a chance to be part of the team, to play, to find success not only on the field but in life as well - this is what we're about.

So.. have you heard about Amplify Austin?

It's our great city's annual day of giving with a mission to make Austin the most generous community in the nation.

Save the date: Feb. 28!

Together we can build a more united, more prosperous Austin for all when we give as a community, for our community. Help us continue to encourage and empower all kids by supporting their development and self-esteem through team sports.

Did you know, Lonestar will provide over $500,000 in financial aid this year alone?! Your generosity enables us to offer essential youth programs for our community and access to all families in need.

See more information or schedule your donation today:

Together, let's #AmplifyATX Youth!

100% of money raised goes directly to support local youth in need.

We couldn't do it without you. Thank you for your support!

AmplifyATX Youth