U17G Development Academy advance to National Finals

Jul 8th 2019

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Summary of Game

The match was exactly what was expected...fast, competitive, and both teams going for it. FCD did a good job of pressing higher up the field with numbers and made it difficult for Lonestar to build out. Lonestar managed the pressure and defended well in many moments in the first half. As the half went on, the team did a better job of breaking pressure in possession which allowed the team to counter FCD towards the end of the first half. This led to the opening goal of the game by Yasmin Parkar. It looked as if Lonestar go into halftime with a lead, but FCD was awarded a late free kick in the dying seconds and scored to tie it up. The team executed points made at halftime and individuals stepped up their game.

Early on in the second half, FCD got in behind Lonestar's back line and was brought down in the box for a PK. Jayden Shaw from FCD converted her PK to put FCD in the lead 2-1. However, conceding the second goal was the turning point in Lonestar's attack as the players started to take more risk in their movements forward and played with even more purpose in possession. Through this renewed spark, Jordan Doss and Jillian Martinez capitalized on a transitional moment at midfield and combined very nicely to tie the game up 2-2. The remaining time of regulation was played tightly from both sides which lead to only a few chances from both teams.

The match went into overtime. Late on in the first half of OT, Yasmin Parkar scored her second goal of the match, and ultimately the winner, off a set piece that fell for her inside the box. The remaining time of the game was very erratic with FCD trying to do everything they could to score and Lonestar seeing the game out to victory. Finally the whistle was blown with Lonestar winning 3-2.

"Its been an amazing run for the 17s. Throughout the competition we have faced talented and competitive teams from all over the US. We have always felt the Frontier Conference is one of the strongest in the country. Considering 3 of the 4 clubs in the semi-finals are from our conference illustrates the depth and quality of competition we face during our conference games. It goes without saying, but we are very proud of the players and how they have managed themselves throughout the playoffs. They have persevered and overcome numerous obstacles to earn a place in the National Finals. These young women are so impressive both on and off the field. They are talented, successful, leaders amongst their peers, yet remain humble and eager to learn. For the staff, it has been our pleasure working with them over the years and watching them mature as players and people. They have represented themselves, the club and the city of Austin with heart, professionalism and pride."

- Wes Schevers

"Very few teams and players get the chance to compete for a National Championship during their youth career. The club, staff, and families are proud of this group of young women who have shown everyone their ability to persevere, compete, and just find a way to win. The training habits they have, the work they have put in, and the mental strength they obtain are all factors in their run in the playoffs, quarterfinal, and now semifinal game. It also helps that they are great players who possess great abilities. All the players have made a difference in different games but you look at someone like Yaz Parkar who has two goals in the semifinal, a player who has been with the club since she was a U10, and really its a deserving moment for her and all the players we have in this team. We want to give our congratulations to FC Dallas who had two teams in the final four and especially the U17s who are always great opponent and have the talent with players and staff to win Championships every year. We look forward to this final challenge!"

- Sophia Mundy


They will face Solar SC on Thursday, July 11 7:00 PM PST (9:00 PM CDT) in the National Championship match.

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