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Lonestar Night at UT V TCU

Friday night was a fantastic night at the Mike A. Myers stadium for the UT annual Heroes & Horns night! Lonestar players were invited to attend the game and take part in all of the fun activities at the stadium.

Our Heroes - fire service, ambulance service and police department were at the stadium providing information about their work and giving tours of the ambulances, fire engines and police helicopters to the fans.

Lonestar players created a tunnel for the UT players to run through at the start of the game, many got to 'high five the players' as they went onto the field.

Two of our Junior Academy teams, Germany Girls and Spain Girls were invited to the "Team Chat" where they had the opportunity to meet one of the UT coaches and a few of the players. At half time these teams represented Lonestar SC well with a scrimmage on the field!

This was a great experience for our players and a fun night out for out Lonestar families.