Tryouts FAQs




What are the team levels for select soccer?
{Boys} United States Soccer Federation Development Academy (USSFDA) and pre-USSFDA, {Girls} Elite Clubs National League (ECNL), Premier League (PL), National Premier League (NPL), State Classic League (SCL) Division I (DI), Super II (SII), and Division II (DII).


I keep hearing U11, U12, U14 or ’00, ’99, ’98, etc. What does this mean and how do I know which group my child is in?
The “U” stands for “under” which means players in that league are Under 12 years old. The ’00, ’99, etc. references the year the player was born if prior to July 31st and is typically used for select soccer teams. This is illustrated in the Age Group chart.


Can a tryout applicant request a “buddy player” to be placed with because of carpool?
No, teams are selected based on ability.


How and when do the goalies tryout?
GK’s will be evaluated along with their age group at tryouts. Like all players, existing LSC goalkeepers are evaluated year round.


Is financial aid available?
Financial aid is available to families that demonstrate qualified financial need. There is a strict application/review process in place. An application form must be completed and submitted to be considered. Aid is awarded by the Financial Aid Committee ONLY, never by a coach. Any award applies towards training fees only.


After tryouts, what then? 
Coaches will meet with the players and parents at the field and offer roster spots. After the first night of tryouts, phone calls will be made to any player that did not turn in commitment paperwork at the fields following the roster offer.


If an offer is made, how long do we have to make a decision?
We ask that players come to tryouts knowing what they intend to do, as this speeds up the process for everyone. Decisions need to be made within 24 hours as there are players waiting that will be offered the place if you do not want to accept it. Acceptance of a roster spot is confirmed ONLY when the commitment paperwork and commitment fee are received.


Do you have to pay the entire fee at one time?
No, but the $300 commitment fee is due upon signing a commitment to join a team; the remainder of the fees can be paid over 6 months. A payment schedule is provided. However, the uniform fee is due when ordered.


When an offer is made to join a team will the practice facility be known at that time? Can we request a different team if the facility is not convenient?

We might know, but not necessarily; however, this information will be available shortly after tryouts conclude.


How often do teams practice?
Teams practice twice per week. NPL teams will have a mandatory 3rd session each week. Any player in the club that wants a 3rd or 4th session can organize that through their core coach and they can train with another LSC team.


Are practices mandatory?
Yes, and each session is 1 and ½ hours long. If a player misses a practice they need to make-up that practice by attending another session.


Do select players get equal playing time?
Only at the SII and DII levels are players guaranteed 50% playing time at each game, unless a player is on a ‘no play list’ due to overdue training fees or because of attendance and/or disciplinary problems.


When will practices begin?
Team Camp will be mandatory for all players. Tentative dates for this camp will appear in the commitment paperwork.


Do the training fees include tournaments? 
The fees include league qualifying and play-off tournaments but DO NOT include elective tournaments, showcases or person travel costs.


Is the uniform fee included in the fees listed?
NO. The uniform is not included in the training fee price. The uniform fee is $300.49 (includes shipping) and includes two NIKE game jerseys, two pairs of NIKE game shorts, two pairs of NIKE game socks, one NIKE practice jersey, one pair of practice shorts and one pair of practice socks; one full NIKE warm-up; and one NIKE backpack. All are required pieces. Uniform payment is due at the time of ordering which will being during the summer.


How long are the uniforms used?
The uniforms remain the same for 2 years. The next full club uniform cycle begins June 2014.