Schools Program

November 2013:


This month we had the opportunity to work with Patton Elementary, Boone Elementary, Fern Bluff Elementary, Pond Springs Elementary and River Oaks Elementary.


The students at Patton Elementary had the opportunity to work with our staff twice last month. The first was at the Patton Health Information Night. Students had the opportunity to find out about different ways to keep fit and healthy. Lonestar staff were on hand to give advice on healthy lifestyle habits, healthy eating and provide information on the different programs students could enroll in. The second of event was the Patton Carnival. A great fun filled event where Lonestar set up a soccer booth and provide fun and competitive opportunities for the students.




Boone Elementary Fall Festival was a great Halloween event! All the students dressed in costumes and joined us for some fun at our 'spooky  penalty shootout competition' and had the chance to win lots of Lonestar goodies.


Fern Bluff Elementary held a fitness fun day and 6 of our LSC full time coaches went along to support the event. Groups of 40 students rotated around different stations and at the Lonestar station they found Coaches Lorne, Rory, Dreagan, David, Sophia and Tyra demonstrating their skills an giving expert coaching tips whilst have fun.






Pond Springs Elementary held a Fall Festival which was a great day out for all the family. Lonestar supported the event and Coach Matt went along to help train the students and have some fun competitions where they could win prizes.


River Oaks Elementary Career Day - this was an information day for the student in 2nd-5th grade to find out about different careers. There were lots of different professionals at the event including Coach Darren explained how to become a professional soccer coach and the benefits of working for Lonestar. The students got to ask questions and experience being a coach.







A massive Thank You must go to Coach Matt White and 96G White South player Malorie Lara for all of your help at these events!


If you would like your soccer club to come to your school contact:

Louise Swain at





October 2014:


This month we had the opportunity to work with Zilker Elementary School at the Zilker Zamboree and Sunset Valley Elementary at their  Fall Festival!


The students at Zilker Elementary had great fun playing soccer related games, took part in a penalty shoot out competition and then a 5v5 soccer tournament. Special thanks goes to our Lonestar players - Jenny Stevens (97G White North) and Natalia Norris (96G White South) for all of their help at the event.


Sunset Valley Elementary Fall Festival was also a great event, we ran a penalty shoot out competition which the students loved! They had the chance to win lots of Lonestar goodies and received expert coaching from Nico Georgakis (98B Red south). Special thanks to Nico and Dillon Swain (Junior Academy player) for helping at this event!


During this coming month we will be working with:

Boone Elementary

Fern Bluff Elementary

Patton Elementary

Pond Springs Elementary





September 2013:


The LSC Schools program allows Lonestar to give back to the local community and work with many of our players in their schools. Last year we were involved in lots of school events including Carnivals, Fall Festivals, Camp Fairs, Track & Field Days and Silent Auctions.


Last weekend we provide prizes for the Jim Plain Elementary Fun Run and next month we will be attending Fall Festivals at Sunset Valley Elementary and Pond Springs Elementary - look out for us there!


If you would like your soccer club to come to your school contact

Louise Swain at