Girls' Showcase Player Profiles

Player Profiles








Player Profile information is available online in GotSoccer to registered College Coaches.  Lonestar SC also creates a profile booklet with the available summary information from those GotSoccer profiles and provides it to each coach who attends the event.  The information comes straight from the player profile created and maintained by the player.  Lonestar SC cannot edit the player or team roster information.  For this reason it is imperative that managers create an event roster for the team and include the players who will participate.  While teams may register with their "default" or official roster, most organizations (STYSA/NTX) disable edits to those rosters when they freeze.  This means that a manager would be unable to add a guest player to their roster in GotSoccer and that player's information would not be included for college coaches.


It is important that managers create/update the event roster before January 16, 2015.   


Depending on your team account access, managers may also have the ability to update player profile information.  

Players have the ability and responsibility to update their information directly.