Lonestars 03B Silver NTH A

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Fall 2013 CAYSA
Game Schedule for our boys:
Lonestar 03B Silver Nth A

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Fall 2013 Training Schedule

Monday and Wednesday at Town & Country Field # 25, 5:00-6:30PM

- Arrive 15 minutes early for practice
- Bring a size 4 ball, water, and shin guards
- Wear red shorts and socks and the red Lonestar practice jersey


Game Day Information

- When we are the Home Team, Wear Black
- When we are the Away Team, Wear White
- Always bring both complete sets of jerseys.
- Wear the practice jersey to warm-up, then switch to the game jersey.
- Arrive 30 minutes early for warm-up


Field Locations and directions to CAYSA fields:


Team Ranking

Schedules & Scores


Austin Labor Day Cup 2013

Houston Dynamos Puma Cup 2014


Head Coach
Rory Blanton
Best to TXT vs. call:

Team Manager
Erin Silvertooth

Web Master
Adriano Santos

Field Maps:

Summit Field
Town & Country
Gavin Garret Soccker Park
Korompai Field


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03B Silver North A


#5 - Foote, Alexander

#6 - Thor, John David 

#7 - Santos, Alexandre

#8 - Thomas, Garner

#9 - Waugh, Theodore

#10 - Silvertooth, Alexander

#11 - Kriz, Matthew

#12 - Pace, Quinn

#14  - Jones, Preston