Lonestars 03G Silver NTH A

Last Updated: 09/14/14 4:05pm

Fall 2014 Training Schedule:

Monday and Wednesday at WCRP 5:00 pm - 6:30

Training Information:

- Wear red Lonestar practice uniform
- Wear cleats, shin guards, and remember your ball
- Arrive early
- Bring plenty of water and sunscreen



Game Day Information:
- Bring plenty of water and sunscreen
- When we are the Home Team, Wear Black
- When we are the Away Team, Wear White
- Always bring both complete sets of uniforms to all games
- Must wear cleats, shin guards, and remove all jewelry
- Arrive 45 minutes prior to the game for warm-up

Parent Rules:
- Please advise if your daughter can NOT make it to a game ASAP
- No parent coaching allowed, only encouragement!
- No commentary to any referee's or opposing parents
- Parents should sit on the same half of the field opposite our team


Game Schedule:


Date: 9/7 (Sun)   

Time: 2:00  

Field: GSA3 (Georgetown)  

Opponent: GSA Force 03G White

Jersey: White


Date: 9/14 (Sun)  

Time: 1:00  

Field: T&C25W                    

Opponent: DJCT W 03G

Jersey: Black



Date: 9/20 (Sat)  

Time: 1:00  

Field: Hutto YSA #4             

Opponent: Austin Texans 03G

Jersey: White


Date: 9/27 (Sat)  

Time: 5:30  

Field: T&C35E                    

Opponent: LSC 03G White South A

Jersey: Black


Date: 10/5 (Sun)  

Time: 2:00  

Field: The Quarry (near the Domain)  

Opponent: RC Rangers 03G Orange

Jersey: White


Date: 10/11 (Sat)

Time: 10:00

Field: T&C25E                  

Opponent: LSC 03G Gold North A

Jersey: White


Date: 10/18 (Sat)

Time : 10:00  

Field: T&C25E                    

Opponent: LSC 03G Blue North A

Jersey: Black


Date: 10/25   NO GAME


Date: 11/1 (Sat)  

Time: 11:30

Field: T&C25W                  

Opponent:  GSA Force 03G White 

Jersey: Black





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