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Last Updated: 09/16/14 5:36pm
Anticipate an interclub scrimmage the weekend of August 16-17th. More details to come regarding date/time/location/opponent. 

Regular practice: Tuesdays & Thursdays, 8:00 - 9:30 PM

On November 15, 2014 LSC is hosting the eighth annual 24 Hour Soccer Marathon at Soccerplex in Cedar Park to raise funds for the Lonestar Financial Aid Program to help families in need meet the costs of playing soccer and provide youth from all cultural and economic backgrounds the opportunity to participate in premier athletic programming.

During the marathon event, Lonestar Soccer Club Select teams will play soccer continuously for 24 hours, with each LSC team participating for a forty five minute time slot. Our overnight group will be the '01 and '02 Girls (North, South & East). Players in these age groups will stay from 11 pm - 7 am for the lock-in. The marathon schedule will be created around regular scheduled league games and all players and teams are expected to participate in the marathon unless playing and staying out of town. 

The fundraising period will begin on October 1 and end on November 7th. This will be followed by the 24 Hour Soccer Marathon on November 15 & 16. Each Lonestar Player is encouraged to raise at least $100 in donations for the event.


On October 18 from 8-10 am we will have a pancake breakfast at the Applebee's on Lakeline. Tickets are $10 for the breakfast and everyone will be issued 10 tonight at practice. If you need more then after you have sold the initial 10 I will be happy to give more out. Funds and unsold tickets will be collected on Tuesday October 14, 2014.  During the breakfast the boys will be helping to clear tables, make sure drinks are refilled, etc.


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Player Name LSC #

Matias Eugenio Aguiar 4

Travis Bailey 6

Collin Davidson 20

Harrison Dennis 22

Kyle Farmer 13

Andy Gomez 11

Jose Miguel Guevara 5

Mike Guzman 17

Anakin Hogan 9
Pablo Mondragon 16
Michael Munoz 14
Cale O'Neal 15
Logan Penberg 7

Tyler Pleasants 3

Cody Robinson 12
Fernando Suazo 10
Matthew Zipkes 8