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Team News & Notes:

Current record (W - L - D): 6 - 0 - 0
Current standings: 1st
This Week's Game Info:
Rescheduled Game Info:
The game with Classics Elite 01G Blue has been rescheduled.  The new date/time is:
Date: Sunday, November 9
Time: 2:00 PM


Our regular training time is:
M/W 6:30pm-8:00pm Westcreek 4B
If you miss one of the M/W practices, you can make-up that practice with Kelsey's 02G team:
T/Th 6:30pm-8:00pm Westcreek 3A
Regular Season Schedule:







Saturday, 9/6/2014

10:00 AM

Westcreek #1

Pflugerville FC 01G Green

Home - Black

W 2-0

Sunday, 9/14/2014

5:00 PM

Korompai Soccer Complex #2

Liverpool CTX 01G-Melia

Away - White

W 2-1

Saturday, 9/27/2014

1:00 PM

CE Blossom #5

Classics Elite SA 01G Blue

Away - White


Sunday, 9/28/2014

10:00 AM

Westcreek #1

GRAYSA Lady Arsenal G01

Home - Black

W 7-0 

Saturday, 10/4/2014

10:00 AM

Westcreek #1

Austin Texans 01G Red STH

Home - Black

W 2-0 

Sunday, 10/12/2014

11:30 AM


Lonestars 01G White SA East

Away - White

W 7-1

Saturday, 10/18/2014

8:00 AM

Westcreek #1

Lonestars 01G Gold NTH

Home - Black

W 1-0

Saturday, 11/1/2014

12:00 PM

GVTC Communications Sportsplex #7

SA United 01 Girls Black

Away - White




Away - White


  • We wear black when we are home; we wear white when we are aWay
  • Players should always bring both kits to every game
  • Please remind players to wear their red training jersey to warm-up before the games
  • Season runs through November 1.
  • November 8 is reserved for make-up games
  • Playoffs start on November 15
  • We have 4 home games and 4 away games
  • We will travel to Temple once and San Antonio three times
Standings Info:
In regular season, points are calculated as follows:
3 pts for a win
1 pt for a tie
0 pts for a loss
At the end of the regular season, the top two teams in each age group will advance to the Western District Fall playoffs (I'm waiting on clarification on whether or not this means the top two teams from each flight, or the top two teams across both flights).
When two teams are tied in total points, the tie breakers can get pretty complicated, but here is a simplified summary:
  • The first tie breaker is head-to-head competition - this means whoever won the game between the two tied teams advances
  • The next tie breaker is goal difference (goals for minus goals against) with a maximum of 5 goals difference per game counted both for and against.  For example, if the score is 9-3, the calculation would be +5 goals for the winning team, -5 goals for the losing team.
  • There are additional tie breakers if needed and slightly different rules apply if you end up with more than two teams tied.  If you're interested, all of the details can be found here.
Post Season:
Here are the dates for all of the possible post season playoffs and tournaments.  Note that it's not been decided how many teams advance at each level.  That information should be decided in the next couple of weeks:
WDS2 North Zone Bracket Playoffs
Date: November 15-16, 2014
Location: Williamson County Park
Qualification: If we finish high enough in our bracket, we will qualify for the bracket playoffs
Western District Playoffs
December 6-7, 2014
Location: Unknown
Qualification: The top teams from the bracket playoffs will advance
Capital City Classic
Date: December 6-7, 2014
Location: Various sites in Austin
We will probably play this tournament if we do not advance to the Western District Playoffs (I need to verify this with Kelsey)
STYSA Fall Championship State Tournament
Date: December 13-14, 2014
Location: Unknown
Qualification: The top team(s) from the Western District Playoffs will advance
Game Day Info:
 When we are the Home Team, Wear Black
 When we are the AWay Team, Wear White
 Always bring both complete sets of jerseys
 Wear the red practice jersey to warm-up, then switch to the game jersey
 Arrive 45 minutes early for warm-up


Links to Field Maps:

NEMP (North East Metro Park)

CE McAllister Park

Town & Country

Holt (Brenham)
Texas Soccer Fields
Slaughter Creek
Williamson Cnty Reg. Park
Alamo Sportsplex
Specht Road Complex


LSC Field Rainout Status

Hotline: (512) 336-RAIN
CAYSA Rainout
(512) 302-4580
ACYSO Field Status
RAINOUT 210-542-9331

To receive Field Status Updates and Club Alerts on your Cell Phone. This system starts each new select soccer year. To received alerts for the 2014-2015 year, you must sign up again.


Soccer Links:

US Soccer
UT Womans Soccer
Sth Tx Soccer Blog

Lonestar Player and Parent Handbook

Nutrition Information
CDC Concussion Parent Fact Sheet | CDC Heads Up to Parents Website
Heat Illness in Athletes
Soccer on TV


24 Hour Marathon: 

Contact:  Heather Sanders.  

Overnight Chaperone:  Karla Boles


Letter from Heather:


Hi Parents,
It is that time of the year again and time to get our fundraising kicked into high gear!!!  I have volunteered for year 3 to be the team’s 24-Hour Marathon coordinator.  A few key points on what the 24-Hour Marathon is are:
The 24-Hour Marathon benefits the LSC Financial Aid Program & East Austin Soccer Club. This is our 8 th Annual 24-Hour Marathon and we hope it will be our most successful yet.  Once again, Tom and Kris McDonald are very graciously donating their SoccerPlex facility in Cedar Park to host the event. Please support this year's event by encouraging your LSC player to participate in the fundraising throughout October and early November; 100% of the proceeds raised benefit many youth players within Lonestar SC and East Austin Soccer Club.
My first line of business is to get ALL of you to set up your FirstGiving accounts.  It is super simple and I just set-up Morgan’s in about 3 minutes.  Please try to complete this by tomorrow.  The instructions are below.
Set-up Instructions:
·         Click here to get started: http://www.firstgiving.com/lonestars/eighthannual24hoursoccermarathon
·         Click on the red 'Join Now' button
·         Login or create a FirstGiving account (use your players name)
·         Join a team (all LSC teams are pre-entered, select yours from the dropdown menu - Do not create a team )
·         Create your personal FirstGiving fundraising page (you can go back and customize at any time)
·         Share via social media to help fundraising!
Players should have also received a collection envelope from their coach. Please use the collection envelope for checks, money orders ( made payable to Lonestar Soccer Club) and cash.   Lonestar Soccer Club is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization, Tax ID #20-1201450. All donations are tax deductible.
Line of business #2 is getting t-shirt orders placed.  Please let me know what size t-shirt your daughter prefers.  The size are youth S, M, L & XL and adult S, M, L, XL & XXL.
I also want to give you all a head’s up that our girls will have the overnight slot.  This year’s overnight group will be the '01 and '02 Girls (North & South). These teams will stay from 11 pm - 7 am for the lock-in this year (details to follow).  YAY!!!
Lastly, fund raising officially starts today October 1st and runs through November 7th.  This is followed by the marathon on November 15th – 16th at SoccerPlex1220 Toro Grande Dr, Cedar Park, TX 78613.
Thank you all so much and let me know if any have any questions.
Happy fundraising!!!



Schedules & Scores


2014 Texas Rush

U14 Girls Competitive Champions


2014 South Texas Directors Cup

South Texas Directors Cup State Silver Medalists

Western Division Playoffs - Qualified for State (2W - 0L)

Western Division - D - 1st place


2014 Presidents' Day Invitational

U13 Premier Navy Champions


2013 Austin Labor Day Cup


2013 Texas Warm-up Cup


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Brett Hopkins

Team Webmaster

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