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Team News & Notes:  


LONESTAR MURRAY HANSON GOLF MEMORIAL TOURNAMENT  (Brett will collect $ from each family to sponsor a coach for event.)
Please register for our annual golf tournament.  There are also plenty of opportunities to sponsor holes as well.  Details can be found HERE :  
The Texas Stars will host Lonestar Soccer Club night on February 27th .  More information can be found HERE 
All of the teams will have parent meetings with their coaches on the following dates: 
March 9 or 10 
April 13 or 14 

May 18 or 19 

We have scheduled another POE date for May 17, 2015.  This may change as this is a rain-out date for cup play, but that date is currently set.  Please make plans on your schedules. 

Regular Training:

Our regular training time is:
M/W 6:30pm-8:00pm Westcreek 4B
If you miss one of the M/W practices, you can make-up that practice with Kelsey's 02G team:
T/Th 6:30pm-8:00pm Westcreek 3A
Spring Season ScheduleHere's a link to our schedule.
Week 1
Lonestars 01G Red STH vs. Lonestars 01G White STH
Date: TBD
Time: TBD
Field: TBD
Uniform: TBD
Arrive: TBD
Week 2
Lonestars 01G White STH vs Lonestars 01G Black SA
Date: 2/28/2015
Time: 12:00 PM
Field: NEMP 11
Uniform: Wear BLACK, bring white
Arrive: 11:15 AM
Week 3
GSA Force FC 01G White vs. Lonestars 01G White STH
Date: 3/7/2015
Time: 1:00 PM
Field: NEMP 13
Uniform: Wear WHITE, bring black
Arrive: 12:15 PM
Highlights for the Spring Season:
We have prequalified for President's Cup this Spring.  If you remember from the past, the Spring is 'Cup play'.  So instead of playing in a S2 or D1 level of play for our regular season games, we will play in President's Cup.  The link can be found here:  http://www.stxsoccer.org/docs/Competitions/State/2015%20Western%20District%20Cup%20PreQual%20List.pdf
2/21 - Presidents Cup starts
5/9-10 - Presidents Cup District Playoffs (*)
5/16-17 - Presidents Cup State Playoffs (*)
5/24-15 - Albion Memorial Day Cup (Houston)
June/July - Presidents Cup Regional/National Finals (*)
* - We will only participate in these events if we qualify/advance
We wear black when we are home; we wear white when we are aWay
  • Players should always bring both kits to every game
  • Please remind players to wear their red training jersey to warm-up before the games

Standings Info:

Post Season:
Game Day Info:
 When we are the Home Team, Wear Black
 When we are the AWay Team, Wear White
 Always bring both complete sets of jerseys
 Wear the red practice jersey to warm-up, then switch to the game jersey
 Arrive 45 minutes early for warm-up


Links to Field Maps:

NEMP (North East Metro Park)

CE McAllister Park

Town & Country

Holt (Brenham)
Texas Soccer Fields
Slaughter Creek
Williamson Cnty Reg. Park
Alamo Sportsplex
Specht Road Complex


LSC Field Rainout Status

Hotline: (512) 336-RAIN
CAYSA Rainout
(512) 302-4580
ACYSO Field Status
RAINOUT 210-542-9331

To receive Field Status Updates and Club Alerts on your Cell Phone. This system starts each new select soccer year. To received alerts for the 2014-2015 year, you must sign up again.


Soccer Links:

US Soccer
UT Womans Soccer
Sth Tx Soccer Blog

Lonestar Player and Parent Handbook

Nutrition Information
CDC Concussion Parent Fact Sheet | CDC Heads Up to Parents Website
Heat Illness in Athletes
Soccer on TV


24 Hour Marathon: 

Thanks to Heather & Karla & everyone who participated by fundraising, donating or playing!

Schedules & Scores


2014 - 1st place STX Fall Championships


2014 Texas Rush

U14 Girls Competitive Champions


2014 South Texas Directors Cup

South Texas Directors Cup State Silver Medalists

Western Division Playoffs - Qualified for State (2W - 0L)

Western Division - D - 1st place


2014 Presidents' Day Invitational

U13 Premier Navy Champions


2013 Austin Labor Day Cup


2013 Texas Warm-up Cup


Kelsey Rdzanek


Team Manager

Brett Hopkins

Team Webmaster

Christine Hicks



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