Friday Night Futbol is a 6 week soccer program that engages players in multiple small-sided (3v3/4v4) games to facilitate the technical development by maximizing touches on the ball and encouraging speed of play. Led by Lonestar SC coaches in a exciting, multi-game tournament format, Friday Night Futbol is open to all players regardless of skill, club or affiliation. Friday Night Futbol encourages creativity, freedom of play, and guided discovery by the Lonestar coaches to help players become the best players they can be in a fun and lightweight program.

"My girls really enjoyed the first round of Friday Night Futbol. They love the game and know that every opportunity to touch the ball is a huge benefit. We have seen both girls more aggressive to the ball and win more 1v1 challenges during their regular team play. We believe the benefit of playing Friday night in small sided games helps carry-over to their games on Saturday and/or Sunday since they were just in the gaming mindset the night before. The coaches are energetic and often join in the game to fill in gaps, which really helps the players because the coaches are even more engaged while playing. We thank you for the extra opportunity that y’all are providing!"

Each Friday Night, players join the coaches to participate in a series of games (4-5 per session) to determine that night's winner. Each match lasts 10-12 minutes, and scores are kept utilizing the 10 point system - 6 points for a win, 3 points for a tie, up to 3 points per goal scored, and a shutout point.

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